Infuselearning [] is probably the coolest FREE online assessment tool you have never even heard of. This web based tool has two sides, a teacher side and a student side.

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Teacher Side Log-in []
Student Side Log-in []

Infuselearning is a cross-platform tool that can be used on Macs, PCs, iPads, Andriod tablets, Chromebooks, or just about anything else with a modern web browser. But it CANNOT be supported by the web browser Internet Explorer.


For this demonstration, you will sign into the Student Side Log-in [] and the teacher side of this resource will be projected for you on the screen.
1. To log in as a student, Type your name and the "Digital Room Number" located in the upper left of the teacher's screen.

You will use the number located on the teacher's screen in the upper left corner.

2. You will not see anything on your screens until the teacher unlocks an assessment from their screen. We will review the following assessment choices:
  • Draw Response
  • Quick Poll, and
  • Take a Self Made Quiz

Draw and Response
Students can draw and/or write their answer through the Infuselearning interface and instantly share and compare via the teacher side of this tool. This can be leveraged in any course to check for understanding.

Quick Poll
There are the quick fire questions that teachers can use for immediate feedback. (True/False, Multiple Choice, Sort and Order, Open Ended Text, Numeric or Likert Scale are all possible choices for this). The teacher will have to ask the question(s) orally, or have the screen displayed at the front of the class, and students can respond on an internet enabled device. Responses are displayed in real-time on the teacher device. Example:

Which type of movies are your favorite?== ==
A. Action/AdventureB. AnimatedC. DramasD. ComediesE. Horror Movies
Students do not see the questions, only A-E, so you will have to display the question on the board, on a work sheet, etc. This would be great for assessment review, especially at the end of the year.

Self Made Quizzes
Teachers can create a quiz ahead of time. Students can then complete it at their own pace, and all the questions and possible answers will be online and displayed on the device that the student is using to take the test. An added feature here, is the ability for the students to have the questions read aloud, or even translated into another language and then read aloud. This is a great feature for ELL students, but teachers can choose whether to enable or disable these features on a student by student basis when they create their own class.

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