GoogleForms |

GoogleForms allows teachers to:

  • Assess student learning.

  • Discover misconceptions.

  • Capture students' thoughts and questions.

  • Poll and survey students, parents, and colleagues.

  • Collaborate

  • Organize Plans



Getting to Know GoogleForms

Once you have decided on the content and educational focus of your Google Form, you are ready to build!

Upon opening GoogleForms, you will be prompted to Title and choose the background design for your form. Fill in the required information and click "Ok."

name & theme.jpg

Begin editing your quiz. Add a description, and start editing the first question.

add question 2.png

Add a question by selecting "Add Item" and the type of question you would like to add. The question types include:

  • Text

  • Paragraph

  • Multiple Choice

  • Checkboxes

  • Choose from a list

  • Scale

  • Grid

You can also add a section header or page break to break-up a long quiz, survey, or test.

add question 2.png

When you are happy with your Form, find the "Confirmation Page" block at the end of the page.

Fill in the "Confirmation Message" that will be send to individuals who complete the form.

form preferences.jpg

To check and make sure students are responding to the quick, select "Summary of Responses."

See reponses 2.png

To view all responses, select "Choose Response Destination."

send to spread 2.png

Select "New Spreadsheet" and responses to the form will file into a spreadsheet saved and accessible in your GoogleDrive.

get spreadsheet.jpg

To view and send your live form, select "View Live Form." The Form's URL can be copied and pasted to send and share.

get URL 2.png