Learning Outcomes

MHHS staff will be able to:

  • utilize Web Tool research tips and tricks to discover tools that fulfill their pedagogical and content needs.

I. Process of Discovery | 10 minutes

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Begin with the End in Mind

What are my learning goals?

  • What pedagogical method am I planning to use in order to achieve the learning goal?

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Take Advantage of Web Collaboration

What have others found before me?
  • Use descriptive language in your search.

  • Stick to education-focused websites.

  • Focus on websites with detailed descriptions of the tool(s).

  • Use the word "free"


Be Kind to Yourself

Focus on ONE tool at a time, and only two-three to reuse in different ways over a semester. A single tool can have endless applications!

  • Know the tool well before using it with students.

  • Start small and scale up over time with successes.

  • Keep in mind learning new tools can be overwhelming for our students too.


II. Investigate the Tool | 10 minutes

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Is it free?
  • Is there an educational version for teachers?

  • For students?

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Who owns this site?
  • Are they an educational foundation or corporation?

  • What is the intended use of this website?

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Where can I find help?
  • Is there a "Help" section?

  • Is there an option for in-time help?

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Are there educational resources for lesson design or classroom use?
  • What have they done for me?

  • Are there any collected lesson plans from educators or ideas for use?

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What do I need to be successful?
  • Are there any tutorials or guides on the website?

  • Are there any tutorials on Youtube?

  • Take time to play!

III. Be a Web Tool Detective | 30 minutes

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Search and find a tool that fulfills your needs on the wealth of the internet!

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Web Tools from TPACK

Content-specific Tools

IV. Let's Discuss | 10 minutes

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How can MHHS take advantage of their distributed expertise?

Bring a lesson plan to practice transforming into a technology enabled lesson!

References | Additional Resources

Pinterest| Web Tools for Teachers' Boards

American Association of School Librarians| Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

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http://openclipart.org/ - CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

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