Building technology enabled lessons is not far removed from developing traditional lessons. Today we will be looking at a dynamic literacy tool and its use in both planning a technology enabled lesson as well as utilizing it with students to fulfill your content-specific learning goals.

Learning Outcomes

MHHS staff will be able to:

  • have strategies when preparing to use online tools in the classroom, and
  • reflect and discuss how the literacy tool, Penzu, can support student learning.

I. Process of Discovery | 5 minutes

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Begin with the End in Mind

What are my learning goals?

  • What pedagogical method am I planning to use in order to achieve the learning goal?

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Take Advantage of Web Collaboration

What have others found before me?

  • Stick to education-focused websites.

  • Focus on websites with detailed descriptions of the tool(s).

Be Kind to Yourself

Focus on ONE tool at a time, and only two-three to reuse in different ways over a semester. A single tool can have endless applications!

  • Know the tool well before using it with students.

  • Start small and scale up over time with successes.

  • Keep in mind learning new tools can be overwhelming for our students too.

II. Learning Engineering with Penzu | 10 minutes

Orange Location.pngView My Example

Penzu allows students to:

  • Organize thoughts.

  • Compose writing on a paper-like digital interface (ruled, margined notepad).

  • Easily insert and respond to images with captions that do not interfere with writing field.

  • Provide publishable URL available or email sharing for reviews.

  • Be assessed and receive feedback through teacher's comments.

Additional Content-specific Examples:

Teacher Planning Example

Heath & PE Student Example

Science Student Example

Math Student Example

Career & Technical Education Student Example

III. Let's Explore & Reflect | 15 minutes

Take a look at Penzu

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penzu tutorial

IV. Reflect and Discuss | 10 minutes

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How could the literacy tool Penzu be utilized in your curriculum?

VI. Looking Ahead

Tomorrow you will be exploring more content specific tools of your choice, using the problem solving strategies shared today. You will have the advantage of experts in the room to assist you in getting started.

Additional Resources

Pinterest| Web Tools for Teachers' Boards

American Association of School Librarians| Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

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http://openclipart.org/ - CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication

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